Trains or trams that do not run, work that has to be stopped or safety that cannot be guaranteed. The impact of an IT failure on timetables and maintenance work is often significant. Due to the complexity of the IT landscape, it is often the case that the cause lies somewhere completely different from where the failure occurs.

Integration specialists with domain expertise and knowledge of the complex IT landscape can oversee the entire chain and therefore quickly come up with an appropriate solution. With InTraffic's availability service, our integration specialists are at your service 24/7.

Complex chain

The IT chain of public transport companies is often complex. Dozens of in-house and external applications exchange (real-time) information with each other. If something goes wrong in one application, this can have major consequences further down the chain. The trick in these situations is to identify the cause very quickly. This works best if you know the entire system and application landscape and understand how the applications interact. Because InTraffic has built many of the core public transport applications, as well as integrating and implementing other applications, we have this knowledge in-house.

24/7 Support

InTraffic's integration specialists work day and night in a large team that carries out various activities, both remotely and on location. In case of a failure, they are not only responsible for function recovery, but also for problem analysis and providing improvement advice. Moreover, they also carry out system implementations. By being involved in the implementation, our specialists get to know the dependencies in the IT chain well. In this way, we ensure that they have varied work in which they come into contact with the entire system landscape and build up the necessary domain knowledge.

Why InTraffic?

InTraffic's integration specialists have years of experience in the public transport domain, working for various clients such as ProRail and GVB. Our years of experience and broad knowledge of hardware and software make us a solid partner for many public transport companies.

More information?

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Bob Brands - Business Unit Manager - InTraffic