We improve accessibility by working passionately on sustainable, innovative IT solutions for mobility.


Mobility is an important basis for prosperity and quality of life. Many developments are taking place both on a technological and social level. We are given the opportunity to plan an affordable door-to-door trip quickly using existing and new modes of transport.

Governments and companies are looking for creative solutions in innovation and further development to meet the increasing demand for mobility. The mobility chain is working towards flexible and demand-oriented transport, wants to become more sustainable and is actively seeking cost reductions in equipment and infrastructure. Smarter cooperation is a prerequisite for improving accessibility.

InTraffic invests in innovative power, in IT and knowledge of mobility and, together with our clients, we develop smart IT solutions for complex mobility issues in the field of traffic management, infra monitoring and travel information. Innovation, sustainability and safety are central to improving traffic and transport systems and accessibility. Wherever possible, InTraffic connects clients and partners.

InTraffic: mastering mobility

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