The Dutch railways are getting even busier. The government and rail sector have ambitions to improve the quality of the railways. The introduction of a new train safety and control system – ERTMS - should contribute to this. A long-term complex project of enormous magnitude with an increasing cost factor.


ERTMS can be applied to both local and national tracks where passenger and freight, trams and metros run and therefore has an impact on all carriers that run their equipment over ERTMS track.

Conversion of infrastructure

The government has chosen to introduce ERTMS level 2 on 12 corridors, routes, that will be converted to ERTMS in the period between 2026 and 2034. These corridors are divided between the North and South plots. The existing ERTMS tracks will be leveled in terms of technology and infrastructure. First, the rolling stock has to be converted. A major operation both in terms of complexity, investment and planning, where the credo is: 'the shop stays open during the conversion'.

Impact for hauliers

All rolling stock must be made suitable for level 2 in order to be allowed to run on the ERTMS track later. The Environmental and Transport Inspectorate is responsible for approval. The complexity increases if transporters want to run their vehicles on both ERTMS track and non-ERTMS track in the Netherlands. Then the on-board ATB installation is not enough and an STM-ATB will often have to be installed. In addition, for freight operators, locomotives must be suitable for different ERTMS versions in Europe to be able to use the track in all countries.

Cooperation in the chain

InTraffic has technical knowledge of vehicles and equipment. Every day, over 180 professionals work on complex mobility solutions within the chains of traffic control, infra monitoring and travel information. Experience with ERTMS was gained in projects including on the Betuweroute, the development of the STM-ATB and in drawing up interface specifications. Our teams are committed and happy to work with you to provide organisational and technical support for the implementation of ERTMS.

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