Successfully integrating new information or operating system into the existing chain requires expertise in all facets of software development. Knowledge of interfaces between systems is indispensable here. But it is at least as important to understand the properties that increase the stability and performance of a system.

In addition, it is never just about the individual application, but about the entire chain in which it is deployed. InTraffic is a specialist in chain integration. Are you looking for a single partner to get the chain working? We are happy to be of service!

Eye for integration in the chain

Thanks to our extensive experience in software development, testing and managed services, we are able to identify the risks within a chain of systems and determine the right way to integrate. We have proven this in long-term relationships with major players in the urban mobility and rail domain. For ProRail, for example, we have been fulfilling this role since 1994. For us, chain integration means software management as well as hardware management and hosting. The result for the customer? A single point of contact, 24-hour support and a well-functioning chain that contributes to organisational goals.

Specialist partner

Within the urban mobility and rail market, InTraffic specialises in integrating information and control systems within complex chains of systems, both with existing and new infrastructure. We also seamlessly integrate systems from different suppliers. We understand better than anyone how applications, systems, technologies and platforms depend on each other. During integration, we take into account customer requirements and the highest quality and safety standards.

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Bob Brands - Business Unit Manager - InTraffic