The volumes of data and the opportunities it creates are sometimes overwhelming. How do you make the data work for you? What data do you need to get a better grip on the current operation and how do you bring it to the people working with it?

Data becomes decision information

If you want to manage data smartly, you need two types of data: historical data (data at rest) and real-time data (data in motion). Historical data shows how infrastructure, software or a vehicle normally behaves. The real-time data tells if the situation today differs from how it normally is, so you can take targeted action.

Data Solutions and Services (DSS) consists of a competence centre with specialists in (big) data analysis and visualisation. With our domain expertise, we enrich data into information that allows you to make decisions. We make decision information insightful through dynamic dashboards.

We offer solutions in the following areas

Asset monitoring
Monitor the status of assets such as infrastructure or vehicles. Visualise all relevant information at a glance in a dashboard.

Predictive maintenance.
Prevent failure of vehicles, infrastructure and business-critical applications. Predict, based on behavioural changes of assets and applications, when preventive measures need to be taken.

Bottleneck detection with predictive analytics
Use historical data to identify bottlenecks and their causes. Predict with real-time process data, combined with historical data, that a bottleneck will occur and take timely action.

Process optimisation
Keep an overview of your data. For example, use artificial intelligence (AI) to develop timetables that improve capacity on existing infrastructure.

Virtual assistant
Develop function-oriented virtual assistants that help employees make daily decisions. Shorten the training period of new employees and transfer domain knowledge easily.

Rail Analytics and Multimodal Analytics (M2A)

For our markets urban mobility and rail we developed two specific solutions in wich we use our domain knowledge to help our customers with their specific challenges.

IT specialist in mobility

InTraffic realises and maintains complex information and control systems for mobility. We make complex IT systems manageable. The result: more efficient execution of complex processes. We apply our knowledge of all aspects of the mobility chain to the entire software lifecycle: advice, software development, integration, testing and managed services.

Data Solutions and Services (DSS) specialises in big data analytics and visualisation. We collect, enrich and visualise data in (real-time) dashboards, turning data into decision information. Do you want more information about the possibilities for your organisation? Get in touch with us!

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