The software that InTraffic works with is characterised by high complexity and mission-critical application. Errors can have serious consequences, in the form of disruption, damage or injury. The development and implementation of these complex information and control systems therefore require not only extensive knowledge of software development, but also an understanding of existing systems and business processes.

 InTraffic specialises in testing new software in existing environments. In doing so, we do not 'take any chances'. InTraffic uses a structured, efficient and effective testing process, based on the TMap-Next® method. Is software quality testing also of great importance to your organisation? If so, we would be happy to advise you!

Software testing in the chain

We take a thorough approach to testing: we test the entire chain in which the software application operates. Our customers' transport systems are complex and we understand better than anyone how to deal with them. Chain operation is essential, which is why we have developed our own unique concept for integrated testing: the Integrated Chain Test Lane. At InTraffic, testing is an integral part of the development process. We also offer our test expertise as a separate service.

Test expertise for high-quality software

We have years of experience in testing complex chains, both in software development and managed services. Thanks to this combination of years of test expertise and domain knowledge, we are in an excellent position to solve complex test issues within the world of traffic and transport. Our test expertise leads to insight into software quality and risks. We also ensure that evaluation and documentation are in order.

Certified testers in traffic and transport

Our testers are certified according to ISTQB, TMap-Next® and the PRISMA risk analysis method. Based on knowledge of the system and context, we draw up a thorough test plan and then implement it.

InTraffic has expertise in:

  • Drafting and implementing test policy and test strategy
  • Designing and implementing test processes
  • Setting up and managing test environments (chain testing)
  • Quality assurance for test processes (audits)
  • Evaluating and improving test processes

More information?

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Bob Brands - Business Unit Manager - InTraffic