The pandemic is proving to be the driver for companies’ digital transformation. In the coming year, companies will be thinking about restoring their operations and building the necessary clout to deal with future crises.

Whitepaper Smart manufacturing ICT Group

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Whitepaper Smart manufacturing ICT Group

Smart manufacturing

What do plant executives need to consider? What hurdles must they overcome to arrive at a viable solution that delivers the value they seek?

In this whitepaper, you will read more about, among other things:

  • Key elements to be agile and flexible
    • Capacity management
    • Digital connectivity
  • Obstacles in the adoption of new technologies

The adoption of new technologies

Before the crisis, Industry 4.0 was already a very interesting, forward-looking, topic for many manufacturers. But as COVID-19 spread around the world, the ability to have real-time information for everything at their fingertips, from suppliers to the factory floor, enabled teams to operate at the same speed, if not faster, and Industry 40 turned into a reality.

In the coming year, companies will be thinking about how to recover their operations and build the necessary clout to deal with future crises. In doing so, Industry 4.0 transformations will be the most realistic choice for most companies. But first the obstacles, which prevent the adoption of new technologies, must be overcome.

ICT Group has over 40 years of experience in applying new technologies and can support you in overcoming the organizational and technological barriers to accelerate the digitization of your organization. We help you innovate and transform while keeping the store open. Our Centre of Excellence is your partner in this.


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