InTraffic has been awarded the tender management and further development of the application Geluidregister by ProRail. We will take over the application from the current management party and will modernize the Sound Register application, among other things.

Noise Register Railway provides a solution for anyone who wants information about the Noise Production Ceilings (Gpps) along the railroad. This can be as a resident, or as a government/advisory agency working on a project near the railroad. The source data from the Noise Register are used in acoustic calculations for railroad noise, which are required in various decision-making processes. The information in the Noise Register is owned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment.

Further development of the application

InTraffic is now busy taking the application into management from the letting party that has been managing it for several years. Next, the application will be developed step by step, replacing outdated Silverlight technology with modern HTML5 technology. In addition, we look at how the application can be simplified, making management easier and cheaper.

Years of knowledge and experience

Because of the different components (GIS, JAVA script, .NET) and functions, it is a complex whole. Our knowledge and experience with the technology and our expertise in managing and developing complex projects ensured that we won this contract.

This is a long-term contract that integrates the development and management phases. The scope is several million. We are very proud of winning this contract and have confidence in the team that will execute the project!