Municipalities and provinces have an ambition to keep cities liveable for their residents. There are many policies to guide this, but it is difficult to see whether these policies are effective.

Multimodal analytics gives municipalities and provinces the insights needed to direct mobility. By using data effectively, you are able to make informed decisions and make real-time adjustments. In this way, governments can make the right choices to facilitate mobility while creating a pleasant living environment.

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Read more about this topic in our white paper (only available in Dutch):

A more accessible city? Get insights from mobility data with Multimodal Analytics

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In this whitepaper you will read:

  • Which mobility challenges municipalities and provinces (are) facing;
  • Why it is important to take a broad and integrated approach to mobility issues;
  • In what way Multimodal Analytics supports this;
  • How the Multimodal Analytics platform is structured;
  • Why a design thinking approach is essential for success;
  • What the M2A approach delivers.


On November 4th 2022, InTraffic together with KPN IoT organised the meetup: Managing mobility in the city - Get insights from mobility data. During the livestream, Tessa Matser, business consultant at InTraffic and Martijn van Aartrijk, Sr. Business Consultant at InTraffic further discussed the challenges and opportunities of municipalities and provinces in achieving their ambitions using data. They did so using the use case of Gemeente Utrecht.

Watch the meetup here!

KPN IoT de meetup: Regie op mobiliteit in de stad

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