The CO2 performance ladder is a tool to encourage companies to be CO2-aware in their own operations and in the execution of projects. It focuses in particular on energy saving, efficient use of materials and use of renewable energy. The performance ladder is managed by the Foundation for Climate-Friendly Procurement & Business. 

Reduction of CO2 emissions

The purpose of the ladder is to encourage companies to gain insight into their own CO2 emissions and to permanently look for opportunities to reduce them. In addition, the CO2 performance ladder encourages organisations to actually implement reduction measures, share knowledge about them and actively look for opportunities to reduce emissions in cooperation with other stakeholders in the sector. 

Level 5

InTraffic has the certificate for level 5 of the CO2 performance ladder, the highest possible level.



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• Level 5-certificaat


• CO2 footprint 2022
CO2 footprint 2021
• CO2 footprint 2020
• CO2 footprint 2019
• CO2 footprint 2018
• CO2-footprint 2017
• CO2-footprint 2016
• CO2-footprint 2015


• CO2-Reductieplan InTraffic_2021-2025


Voortgangsrapportage scope 1 2 3 H1-2023
• Voortgangsrapportage scope 3 reductieketens 2022
Voortgangsrapportage scope 1 2 3 H2-2022
Voortgangsrapportage scope 1 2 3 H1-2022
• Voortgangsrapportage scope 3 reductieketens 2021
• Voortgangsrapportage scope 1 2 3 H2-2021
• Voortgangsrapportage scope 1 2 3 H1-2021
• Voortgangsrapportage scope 3 reductie ketens 2020
• Voortgangsrapportage scope 1 en 2 H2-2020
• Voortgangsrapportage scope 1 en 2 H1-2020
• Voortgangsrapportage scope 3 reductie ketens 2019
• Voortgangsrapportage scope 1 en 2 H2-2019
• Voortgangsrapportage scope 1 en 2 H1-2019
• Voortgangsrapportage scope 3 reductie ketens 2018
• Voortgangsrapportage scope 1 en 2 H2-2018
• Voortgangsrapportage scope 1 en 2 H1-2018
• Voortgangsrapportage scope 3 reductie ketens 2017
• Voortgangsrapportage scope 1 en 2 H2-2017
• Voortgangsrapportage scope 1 en 2 H1-2017
• Voortgangsrapportage scope 3 reductie ketens 2016
• Voortgangsrapportage scope 1 en 2 H2-2016
• Voortgangsrapportage scope 1 en 2 H1-2016
• Voortgangsrapportage scope 3 reductie ketens H2-2015
• Voortgangsrapportage scope 1 en 2 H2-2015
• Voortgangsrapportage scope 1 en 2 H1-2015
• Voortgangsrapportage scope 3 H1-2015


• Energie Management Programma


• Meest materiële scope 3 emissies 2020
• Ketenanalyse RouteLint


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Railforum brings together companies and organisations that value the social importance of rail transport for both passengers and freight. In total, there are about 200 member companies and organisations.
The Sustainable Supplier is the platform for organisations investing in sustainability. The initiative helps suppliers set up sustainable operations and clients find sustainable suppliers.

The Netherlands CO2 neutral
More and more organisations recognise the need for sustainable and responsible business. The Netherlands CO2 Neutral Foundation encourages and supports them to become climate-neutral businesses: cleaner and less dependent on fossil fuels, with respect for people and the environment.


Making trains run more sustainably and efficiently with RouteLint. That is the starting point of the chain analysis carried out by InTraffic in cooperation with ProRail. The chain analysis describes the potential and the measures to be taken to deploy RouteLint to its full potential and thereby reduce the CO2 emissions of (freight) train traffic.

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